oregano flowerAlways a subject of debate!

Which do you grow?

There is much confusion, both in the gardening and cheffie world as to whether the two plants are actually different!

Well! take it from me they’re not!

All Marjoram varieties are indeed Oreganos, (the genus name for both is now ‘Origanum’).  Wild marjoram is in fact common oregano, (Origanum vulgare).

Life becomes more complex if you live in Mexico. Mexican Oregano is actually from a different botanical family, Lippia graveolens, which is also known as Mexican marjoram or Mexican wild sage. This species the same Genus as Lemon Verbena .. very different from Marjoram.

Well now that’s clear to you, let’s think a bit more about this useful flavoursome and beautiful herb.pizza + oregano

Greek for “joy of the mountains,” Oregano’s natural habitat is on mountainsides of Greece and other Mediterranean countries where it is an herb of choice. It is is a perennial which grows up to two feet tall and bears tiny leaves which lend a pungent aroma and strong flavour to a variety of savoury foods.

Remember though, for Oregano read Marjoram if you prefer ……!