Mark Abadi : Holistic Psychologist, Author & Lecturer 

Hilary is a facilitator of change. In other words she makes transition easy. She listens to people, really listens, and in doing so gives them space to feel accepted and brave enough to shift. She is a people’s teacher, nay a people’s champion, and a great communicator

Janet Higgs  Retired teacher and ex colleague of Hilary

Watching Hilary teach was a learning experience for me! She has a passion and gentleness which draws you into learning with her and it always becomes fun.

Paul Conreen  Project Manager, Creative Artist,  MBA  (Manchester Business School)

Love of Herbs” and “Colour Your Life” just about sums up Hilary’s two passions and desire for sharing her beautiful, passionate outlook on life.

She is one of the most influential, beautiful, honest individuals that I have ever met, she has an amazing nurturing instinct & a massive creative ability. She always puts those she teaches first before herself because she loves people.  Her websites are so interesting and engaging.  Her adventures will no doubt be extraordinary and anyone that has the good fortune to be part of this will no doubt be blessed.  And her garden is amazing and her herb bed stunning.

Helen McGuire BA (Hons)  Holistic Therapist and Photographer

Hilary’s appreciation and curiosity of the world and her love of people has come together to make this beautiful creation – Colour Your Life – Colour Circles is a beautiful concept and Hilary is a gifted and patient teacher with whom you are sure to enrich your lives with colour in a fun and creative way. 

Tina Bowles  Regional Development Manager at Furness Building Society

Hilary has a never ending resource of energy, enthusiasm and the ability to empower others as well as being completely professional in all her dealings. Hilary has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in matters of the web, community and community life and has helped me present not only myself but maximise my potential to my business partners. I would recommend anyone wanting to ‘have their say’ or wanting to ‘voice ideas’ to contact Hilary who will know exactly how to help and support them.    

Sue Taylor  On behalf of THE GATHERERS of Winwick, Warrington

Hilary I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ on behalf of The Gatherers for your interesting, inspiring and informative talk. How much there is to learn about how colour affects our lives, moods and decisions. How colour can influence us and those around us. It can relax us, uplift us even tempt us to part with our money!!

Since our meeting one lady who chose to include red in her outfit at work interviews (quite discreetly I might add) was delighted when she was offered two different jobs!! What a confidence boost! Everyone can take something from learning more about colour, and truly your talk has brought awareness to us all about the difference it can make to our lives.

On behalf of myself and the group Thank You so much, you were so easy to listen to. I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in learning more.

Vicky Matthews (Altrincham)

I am a Carer and have recently spent time with Hilary learning about the effects that Colour Energy has on each one of us whether we like it or not!. She has a warm and funny personality and is a very wise lady.  I learned so much that helps me in my daily life and also as a carer for my father who has dementia. He used to draw and paint but simply gave up as he withdrew into himself. Hilary had many practical and helpful ideas which enabled me to engage him in my awakening love of colour. We have been painting together and had genuine moments of fun and laughter. Changing the colour scheme in his room from magnolia and browns to warm peach with natural colours he would have experienced in his garden seems to have calmed him. Hilary, I thank you for your patience and the loving care with which you gave me of your time. You have made a difference to both of our lives.     

Janet Howarth (Store Manager, Chippenham – visiting a friend in Lymm)

How can you not love herbs? After spending 3 hours walking down the canal side in Lymm with Hilary, her sense of fun, her passion and love of nature and of all the herbs that grew there was immediately evident. She engaged us with numerous funny stories about herbs that I felt an urge to ask her to create a story book … I’m sure she’ll do that sometime! It was a lovely few hours enriched by her company. I wish I lived nearer so that I could enjoy her workshops about herbs. I can imagine they would be extraordinary. Thankyou Hilary for your time and love.