Let me introduce my team!

Pretty simple for starters but between the three of us we achieve amazing things.  Our knowledge and skills varies but as Head Gardener, I keep a very careful watch on proceedings, otherwise I wouldn't have many herbs left. You see, the rest of my team aren't so good at distinguishing a 'weed' from a herb!  That is, except for Millie who can distinguish the presence of CATMINT (Nepeta) at 100 yards.

HILS: HEAD GARDNER Happiest when hands are in the soil. Oh! and I talk to plants! BA; BSc (Hons); Dip (level 2) (Iris) Colour Therapy and Counselling Member of the National Herb Society and NW Branch Member of the IWOC Biologist and Teacher; A Level Examiner for Biology Herb Grower and Passionate gardener Qualified Colour Therapist and Counsellor Teacher of Meditation
TONY KNOWLES My right hand man Thankfully, Jack of all trades and master of a good few too. Tony is an expert on old MG’s but not plants. He has been known to excavate a precious herb which he thought was a ‘weed’ …… my stinging nettle patch!! However he is excellent at hoeing and growing vegetables, especially beans! NOTE: He's good with lions too.
MILLIE KNOWLES Devourer of Catmint and Keeper of the Herb Patch This capable feline defends the Herb Patch and indeed most of the rest of the garden from all-comers. It is HER Cat Nip that occupies a corner of the Herb Bed and she let’s us all know that. Not good at scaring pigeons away. They scare her! However, Millie is excellent at excavating holes and chasing bees.

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