Growing Herbs

Creating your own collection of fresh herbs

Herbs provide us with the most wonderful collection of plants. They not only look good and smell amazing but they also do you good.

With some fresh herbs to hand, you can transform any meal into a culinary feast. So get growing in your herb garden!

It doesn’t matter where you live, from the largest estate to a top floor flat, anyone can grow an indoor herb garden.

Most are quite happy in your space decorating your windowsills.

Supermarket Herbs

One word of caution| –  If you buy a few pots of don’t try to nurture the supermarket “potted fresh herbs”,  please don’t try to nurture them and expecting them to last for months – they aren’t meant to! They are mostly grown using a process called ‘Hydroponics’ where they are supplied with ideal growth conditions which we can never match on our window sills! Anyway, for the price of a herb pot from the supermarket you can get a pot that IS meant to last from any garden centre!

The herbs plants in these pots are generally overcrowded and will not survive as long as the herbs in your garden. However, you can divide them and plant them outside. If the pot is completely full of seedling herbs with tangled roots, remove the herbs from the pot, divide the root mass into four or five sections, and plant each section.

Where to begin

If I was starting again, I’d buy the following 5 herbs in medium sized pots: Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Mint and Sage with maybe a little Bay tree and some Chives too!  But I can never restrict myself where herbs are concerned … 

Even if you are going to grow your plants in containers or you own garden outside, these herbs are great ones to begin with for your herb garden.


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