Just Imagine…

  • Learning more about wild herbs you may see as you walk through country lanes
  • Knowing that some of the plants you have in your garden are actually edible herbs and can taste good too!
  • Learning about culinary herbs and those you can cook with to give your food more flavour
  • Growing your own herbs
  • Having your questions about herbs answered by specialists
  • Trying out our favourite recipes which use herbs
  • Understanding and learning about some of the traditional uses of herbs
  • Not feeling out of your depth when you pick up a book about herbs

The only thing that would stop you learning is the feeling that knowing about herbs is much too big a thing to tackle, so …


Leaf Footprint

Through our website you can learn about your favourite herbs little by little. Then you can maybe discover some of the beautiful herbs that you can add to your garden or herb pots that you never knew about! I am still doing just that!

This beautiful illustrated book looks at over 100 herbs. It is free to download to subscribers

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