How can Herbs help us to stay healthy?
Weeping Willow (Salix species) which provides us with Asprin
WILLOW TREE (Salix spp)

Using medicinal herbs is not a new idea! Humans have been gathering and utilising knowledge about the medicinal uses of herbs for at least 60,000 years.

Let’s face it, that’s all they ever had – the resources around them where ever they were in the world. Just imagine not being able to drop into your nearest chemist for some Paracetamol if you have a headache or cough mixture if you have a cough keeping you awake at night.

But healing herbs provided equally effective remedies for many common ailments. Much of the information that was gathered was simply passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, Herbalists, Medicine Men, Witchdoctors, Wise Women … but later wonderfully illustrated and detailed “herbal teas and remedies” were created.


Drug use in Medicine, today, as you will be aware, is controlled by drug companies. The medical profession is generally scathing about the use of herbal remedies and healing herbs although occasionally their caution is valid. Any chemical and we ARE talking about chemicals whether they be herbal or synthetic drugs, have to be used with great care whether we ingest them or use them topically (on the skin).

We need to make ourselves as fully informed as possible about their effects on our body.

Here we will compare the Eastern and Western attitudes and uses of herbalism…. It is essential we are aware of “How to Use Herbs Safely” and the guidance that is available to help us make decisions about our health.

My Great Granny was really knowledgeable about the use of herbs for medicinal purposes and I will pass on some of the anecdotes that she left behind which have been given to me.

I will also from my knowledge of an aspect of Biochemistry, called Phytochemistry (plant chemistry) that I have studied, explain why herbs as an alternative medicine can be effective at treating some ailments.

This is an area of my own passion.

We cannot omit some discussion and information here on HOMEOPATHY either, including Bach Flower Remedies.