A reference guide book to 100 herbs

This beautifully illustrated e-book introduces you to some fascinating stories and facts about 100 different herbs.

You may well have met some of these herbs already in your garden or you may use them regularly in the kitchen. The choice of herbs I included, covers not only those which provide us with amazing culinary delights and delightful fragrance in our gardens, but also those that have some fascinating and often unusual, surprising qualities to them!

You can download this ebook as a printable pdf from our shop for a cost of £5. Book just by clicking on the link below:   LINK NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE >> CHECK BACK IN A FEW DAYS

So what will you find inside this book? 

  • Each herb you will meet is accompanied by clear photographs to help you identify it with descriptions of where and how they grow.
  • You will discover not only how to grow herbs, but also which are easy to grow from seed or which you would be better buying as small plants.
  • Pages include some interesting and unusual facts about herbs such as the the weird and wonderful Saxon name for the sunny Marigold and Liquorice’s confection connection!
  • You may well discover that some herbs behave like thugs and unless restrained, might take over your garden, and they are often the most aromatic and the most useful ones!
  • A quick look at the unusual history and uses of these herbs may well bring a smile to your face!
  • You will come across some easy recipes and even Granny’s recipe for Cough Candy! *   You will also find clear warnings about some of the nastier sides of some herbs that aren’t often listed on their labels when you meet them in garden centres!

Pages in this book link to other smaller e-booklets, MANY OF WHICH ARE FREE,  available through this website.