Where does the FLAVOURING FACTOR come from?

garlic-bulbs-lautrec wightClearly each herb, or spice contributes a very specific flavour to a plate of food!  We recognise many of those flavours instantly – garlic, cinnamon, basil, mint, coriander, to mention a few.  They add a quality to our food that lifts its taste about the ‘ordinary’. Chef’s strive to get the right balance of herbs to make their food distinguishable and dreamstime_m_12462646 memorable from that of other chefs – their “Signature Dishes”.

We’re back to a little chemistry again for as with aromas – the scents of herbs – it’s those very same oils that create the smell along with some other chemical compounds that create distinct flavours. But remember that the senses of TASTE and SMELL are very closely related so that really isn’t surprising!

Blending spices to create flavour is a real science …. but we will look at the amazing flavours of spices elsewhere.