Cooking with Herbs

Cooking with Herbs

A few leaves here, a blend of seeds there, is just what you need to lift your culinary creations from ordinary to extraordinary.

You may have a whole rack of culinary herbs and spice jars but have you ever held a jar of dried herbs to your nose compared with the heady freshness of some out of your own garden? If you have, you will know why we love FRESH herbs.

Bearing in mind too that they bring a whole host of health benefits, then I ask you WHY NOT use fresh herbs and spices … easy to grow or a “Living Herb” from the local supermarket and at worst good quality dried herbs!!

I’ve been lucky to work with a few chefs passionate about herbs and spices. Jason Palin really expanded my culinary adventure in to FLAVOURS while Simon Rimmer gave me a bundle of dinner ideas while I was at his summer cookery classes at The Cheshire Cookery School.

Make your dinners healthy with fresh herbs.