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Kale ~ Brassica oleracea acephala

Kale ~ decorative, easy to grow and a true Superfood!

Kale I had a bit of a love affair with kale last winter. I grew so many plants of Thomson and Morgan’s dark green ‘Nero di Toscana’ kale, dotted among the borders and in the veg patch. It has upright smoky green-black leaves, crinkled and handsome like a tall Savoy cabbage.  The plants looked wonderful in the frosts, but more importantly the leaves kept me going through the winter months. The really benefit from exposure to frosts … their flavour seems to improve markedly increasing its sugar content.

I cooked many of their leaves, so delicious shredded and wilted in a little butter with sauteed garlic with a sprinkle of paprika, cracked black pepper and salt for seasoning.  They featured in many a juicing Purple Kalesession too blended with other produce to make tasty vitamin rich concoctions …. my breakfasts!

Like many other lettuce and cabbage crops when kale bolts, it can still be eaten. But amazingly the flowers too are really delicious like sprouting brocolli.   This year I’ve planted purple Kale and am now harvesting the first of the leaves. It’s strange too, the birds (pigeons!) and slugs and snails leave it alone …may be the word’s got round that I won’t tolerate them near my lovely crop!

So I’m looking forward to a winter of cropping my brassicas once again!  …..

So perhaps any of you who buy the decorative cabbages and kales to make your garden look PRETTY … why don’t you grow one or two of the many beautiful edible Kales …. I can highly recommend them.