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Introduction to herbs

Well, what is a HERB? Just take a walk down a lane, across a field …. just look at the plants you can see all around you! I can guarantee you that most of the plants you see can be called “HERBS”! Wild carrot, dandelions, nettles, comfrey, elder, foxglove, yarrow, marigolds, plantains, mints, lavenders, roses […]

Discovering Herbs – a reference...

Discovering Herbs – a reference guide book to 100 herbs

Discovering Herbs – a reference guide book to 100 herbs   This beautifully illustrated e-book introduces you to some fascinating stories and facts about 100 different herbs.   You may well have met some of these already in your garden or you may use them regularly in the kitchen. The choice of herbs I included, covers not […]

Common herbs that you have heard of

Our Commonest Herbs Here you’ll find out about familiar Herbs of the kitchen ~ parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and mint. Some you may have bumped into in garden centres such as tarragon or chamomile. Some of the commonest herbs masquerade as vegetables ~ I’m sure you’ve heard of  garlic? Then there are the beautiful scented […]

Unusual herbs

Beautiful Herbs ~ that you may not know about The term “herb” has more than one definition and that allows a vast number of plants from around the world to be classed as HERBS! Botanists describe an herb as a small, seed bearing plant with fleshy, rather than woody, parts. The term herbaceous comes form […]


How long do herbs live for?  There are a few things that might help you to understand how your herbs grow.  Gardeners sometimes use words to describe how long a plant might live ~ not that any herb lives forever ~ certainly not in the UK climate! Many herbs have to be sown from seed […]


Dandelions …. A Herb ?  Not on my patch! So OK …. this is going to be a bit of a hard sell!  I see all of the effort and expense that many homeowners and gardeners put into ridding their lawns of this unsightly weed. Their persistence to stop it flowering and spreading thousands of […]