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Aromatherapy ~ a few thoughts ….

It is often thought that aromatherapy is a modern ‘invention’ .

Curiosity has led countless human to wonder how things work –it’s our Human state. What is aromatherapy? “How come just by smelling something we feel different?” “ How come it can change the way we behave and think?”.

Aromatherapy, in its contemporary form, now incorporates a much greater understanding of the nature of plant chemistry and the effect of these aromatherapy chemicals on the mind and body. Aromatherapy has become a ‘science’.

However the use of aromatherapy oils extracted from plants to heal the mind and body can be traced back to all the major ancient civilizations of the world. It’s amusing to think that early civilizations would undoubtedly have discovered some strange and interesting effects while burning certain leaves or wood while seated around the communal fire! Our Lady's Bedstraw

The magical nature of aromatherapy and aromatic plants was celebrated by ancient cultures in which the mystical smoke from burning them was offered up to the gods!  Some of these aromas might have produced a pleasant drowsiness while others would have produced weird mind-altering experiences. Aromatherapy? Certainly!

Communal Living can be a smelly business – but imagine living in cramped houses, no plumbing, no running water, with animals too …. “Life in the raw”.  But humans are always inventive .. it’s our very nature.  So chuck some nice smelling leaves on the flower … to mask the undesirable stench. It was called strewing … Aromatherapy  from necessity!

Curiosity and wonder!  … Inventiveness our creative urge ….

Think where that has all led … to experiencing the joy of AROMATHERAPY

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