For the love of Herbs….

When I look round my local Garden Centre, I see a corner devoted to herbs. All the common herbs are all there… the ones you could name without a thought.  But it is truly amazing to think just how many of the rest of the magnificent display of flowering plants are really herbs too.  Those rambling roses with their heavenly scent, stately cones flowers of Echninacea, Daisies galore and showy sunny Marigolds… you know the ones… the bright dreamstime_s_26952925orange ones that smile. This, the love of herbs.

But herbs are plants whose roots, stems, leafy or flowering parts can be used for their flavouring potential or provide us with amazing lingering aromas such as hangs on the breeze from lavenders. How my love of herbs grows. Then there are the healing herbs or medicinal herbs, many known by human kind for over 5,000 years. Appreciating too that in many Eastern cultures, herbs and spices were seen as natural nutritional medicine … eaten with understanding and ancestral wisdom.

There is a place here for thoughts, information, ideas, as well as the practical side of growing and caring for herbs. I have been a passionate botanist – a plant biologist – for over 50 years and my grandparents before me. evolved slowly through the sharing of my passion. I share with whoever listens, with whoever notices the scent of my roses, lavenders, sages and more that colour my garden.   And I hope, with you.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. If I don’t know the answer, I can guarantee someone nearby will!

After spending 3 hours walking down the canal side in Lymm with Hilary, her sense of fun, her passion and love of nature and of all the herbs that grew there was immediately evident. I wish I lived nearer so that I could enjoy her workshops about herbs. I can imagine they would be extraordinary. Thankyou Hilary for your time and love.
Janet Howarth, Store Manager, Chippenham
Hilary is a facilitator of change. In other words she makes transition easy. She listens to people, really listens, and in doing so gives them space to feel accepted and brave enough to shift. She is a people’s teacher, nay a people’s champion, and a great communicator.
Mark Abadi, Holistic Psychologist, Author & Lecturer
“Love of Herbs” and “Colour Your Life” just about sums up Hilary’s two passions and desire for sharing her beautiful, passionate outlook on life. She is one of the most influential, beautiful, honest individuals that I have ever met, she has an amazing nurturing instinct & a massive creative ability.
Paul Conreen, Project Manager, Creative Artist, MBA

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